Event summaries

Summerschool 2023 Nijmegen (at Donders)

This summerschool held at the Donders Center for Cognition, Nijmegen, consisted of 5 full days of training and hosted 25 participants from various places in Europe and USA. The key instructors were James Trujillo and Wim Pouw, with guest lectures from Marlou Rasenberg, Esam Ghaleb, and Teja Rebernik. We also asked participants to evaluate the summschool and we received a 8.9/10 for the entire summerschool. The core instructors, James and Wim both received a rating of 9 and higher. We have learned a lot as organizers and we look forward to a new and improved edition at a location TBA.

Envision Bootcamp Potsdam (at HPI)

The Envision Bootcamp, held from December 8-10, 2021, in Potsdam, attracted over 60 participants from diverse backgrounds, participating both online and in-person. Hosted by leading figures in the field, the event offered an enriching blend of theoretical and practical insights into multimodal signal analysis and team dynamics. The first day laid the foundation with an introduction to current research and a brainstorming session to explore potential applications. The afternoon transitioned into hands-on technical training, covering topics such as video motion tracking and signal processing for acoustics, text, and facial kinematics.

Day two focused on specialized workshops where participants were divided into teams concentrating on qualitative and quantitative aspects of signal analysis. The final day brought all insights together, featuring a captivating guest keynote on NLP/AI and Multimodal Analysis. Teams presented their envisioned ideas, leading to a constructive exchange of ideas and feedback. The bootcamp aimed to produce a foundational community based platform for exchanging ideas on multimodal analysis and succeeded in creating a vibrant interdisciplinary dialogue between design research , computer science and behavioural research domains. With no participation fee and the option for remote attendance especially within the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the event served as an inclusive platform for innovation, making it a unique gathering for scholars and professionals alike. Ideas from the bootcamp have been taken into careful consideration to develop what is now the envisionBOX.