What is envisionBOX?

Building Open Exchange: A place designed for learners of multimodal signal processing and analyses

EnvisionBOX is a community-driven platform for sharing and learning solutions to analyze and work with multimodal data streams in various programming languages. It serves as a centralized repository for sharing software, codes, algorithms, and tools utilized in multimodal analysis. EnvisionBOX aims to increase the transparency and reproducibility of research, speed up the development process, and most importantly lower the entry barrier for newcomers.

At EnvisionBOX, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and contribute to the field of multimodal data analysis. On this platform learners and experts alike can share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and develop new solutions. You are invited to contribute your own coding module to this platform, feel free to contact us with your idea for a contribution.

We are also looking for new people to join the team. Do you have ideas to foster community building (e.g., news bulletin on new tools coming out; a lecture series that connects theory with methods), please feel free to contact us and join the team!

If you're interested in learning more about multimodal data analysis or contributing to the EnvisionBox community, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Core team

Wim Pouw

Wim Pouw

Wim Pouw is a cognitive scientist with interdisciplinary interests spanning evolutionary biology, movement science, dynamical systems, phonetics, and data science. He is a research fellow at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior.
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Babajide Owoyele

Babajide Owoyele

Babajide Owoyele is a design scientist connecting computer science and multi-level innovation research (e.g., teams, inter-organizational) using multimodal socio-semantic (network) analysis. He is a research associate at the Hasso Plattner Institute Chair for AI, and a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
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Aleksandra Cwiek

Aleksandra Ćwiek

Aleksandra Ćwiek is a phonetician and most of her work revolves around acoustic phonetics, cross-linguistic research, and iconicity. She is a postdoctoral researcher and principal investigator at Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics in Berlin.
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James Trujillo

James Trujillo

James Trujillo is an embodied cognitive scientist working on how we coordinate (and understand) the complex array of multimodal signals used in communication, using motion tracking and virtual (simulated) interaction, and with a particular interest in autism. He is an assistant professor at the Institute for Language, Logic & Computation at the University of Amsterdam.
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Module Contributors

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Gerard de Melo

Babajide Owoyele.

Jonathan Edelman

Wim Pouw.